Chic Home Bedding

What about California King Size bedding?

Bummer… I like some of these patterns! Woot never sees to have California King!

but polyester 100% sadness i really like one of these… but no matter how soft, polyester does not breath. darn i really really like one.

I got this last time it came around - looks nice, but I’ve actually got a secondary comforter underneath it because I hate the way it feels. I just turn it down when I go to bed and don’t actually use it as a comforter for sleeping, just as one to make my room look nice. So far it’s survived my cats, but that’s because they no longer sleep on it either and have found another place to nap, like the dog’s bed.

I ordered one of these last time they were offered and ended up at Target the day after it arrived to buy a new comforter. It looks super cheap (obviously, if a Target comforter, as less than 50% the cost, looks better…) and feels AWFUL. The pillows are super tiny, like doll house pillows compared to your bed. Usually, I’m happy with my Woot purchases, but this actually had me scrolling the woot site fine print to see if they accepted returns. Save your money.

I bought the pretty beige one, with the beautiful view out the window beside it… I am returning it… it’s graphic touchup making it look soft… It’s as hard as my old Hardee’s uniform several years ago when I was in High School! Horrible for a bed & I agree… not breathable at all! & to return it is $20+ so THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BUY!

These look gorgeous, but 100% polyester? Ew.

These actually feel very soft, I love mine !

That’s why modern polyester is usually called microfiber. It’s more like silk now; same polymer, just much finer threads.

Just received mine and it’s lovely. Very soft, almost silky. Doesn’t look cheap at all.