Chic Home Sherpa Lined Hoodie

Chic Home Sherpa Lined Hoodie

When I went to buy one of these it gives me the option of black, white etc…I want the Leopard Black…is that the black option it gives me. The is no Leopard Black option

Okidoki. The sale is all fixed up. You should be able to find the correct colors now.

How long is this robe? Floor length? Thanks

What are the sizes?

Does this have sleeves? I can’t tell by the picture.

Length is 71"

Dimensions: 71” (L) x 51” (W)

There’s only one size. Usually it fits all sizes because it is an Ultra-plush sleeveless robe.

Apparently not. Vendor described it as a Ultra-plush sleeveless robe.

It’s one-size fits most similar to many robes.