Chicago Cutlery 15-Piece or 19-Piece Set

19 > 15, and not just because of the 4 cutting boards. The non-steak knives in that set are forged, whereas the other set is clearly stamped. All else being equal, a forged knife is stronger and can hold a better edge.

Time to learn about Chicago Cutlery

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on the 15 piece set over at

I don’t see the sharpening steel in the 15-piece set. Am I missing something?

Where does it say that any of the knives are forged? Forty bucks for a set of forged knives is a tremendous deal. Even some of my Wüsthof knives aren’t forged, and they’re far better knives than anything I’ve seen from Chicago Cutlery. Though, Chicago Cutlery knives are excellent for the money in my experience…

While i’m making the assumption this is the exact same set. it clearly says in the description here that the knives are forged.

Quote postid=“5611393” user=“scotchnsodie”]Where does it say that any of the knives are forged? Forty bucks for a set of forged knives is a tremendous deal. Even some of my Wüsthof knives aren’t forged, and they’re far better knives than anything I’ve seen from Chicago Cutlery. Though, Chicago Cutlery knives are excellent for the money in my experience…

Very few sets come with sharpening steels. Really there are few out there, I think you mean honing steel.

We have a small set of Chicago Cutlery knives that we’ve been incredible impressed with for the price. Take care of them, they’ll take care of you. Learn how to lay down an edge on a knife, and they’ll always be as sharp as the day you bought them.

That particular piece doesn’t appear to be in the sales images, but according to the specs it is included within in the sale.
I’ve pinged the staff and hopefully will have an update later this morning.

Thank you for your interest/question of today’s offer.

Also, the 19-piece scissors appear to have a flathead screwdriver and bottle opener built in (a la Swiss Army). The 15 does not in the photo.

Chicago Cutlery is Crap

They went out of business years ago and a Chinese knife company bought their name and put Chicago Cutlery on their blades.

I count 20 pieces on the Centurion 19-Piece Cutlery Set photo.

For some reason there are 7 steak knives pictured. Looks like whoever does their advertising photos isn’t real bright as the 15 pc set is also missing the sharpening steel…

Not sure if this set is identical to the one I bought several years back, but mine did not come with a honing steel, and instead has a sharpener built into the block, in one of the slots. I don’t see it in the picture either though, so who knows.
Great set of knives though. I think I paid around $150 on Amazon for mine.

Awww, I had a nice long review I wrote out on how high quality these knives are,Then I realized this had the crappy santoku style knife for a the main knife, which I can’t stand.

BUT… instead of erasing the whole thought out review, I know a LOT of people like santoku knives, so I will leave my review up… just realize I am praising their REGULAR chef knife and NOT the santoku… but the rest of the knives are all built the same way, VERY VERY sturdy, heavy and a joy to use.

They are near identical in build, feel and balance to the Henckel Classic series, but for a fraction of the price. I know the Henckel owners will cry blaspheme, but I have been trying to replace my Chicago Cutlery knives MANY times over the years with a set of the Henckel classic knives (I like their feel, build and balance)…and I keep coming back to the realization that these Chicago Cutlery knives are really the “same” knife…so why bother? I’ll just keep them!

Anyway, here is the review I had written before I realized there wasn’t a chef knife in the big set :frowning: Take it as you will for it’s quality and not the one knife that’s not in this set :frowning:

I have an 11+ year old set of these knives my father in law got for us for a wedding gift. Mine most closely resembles the Metropolitan set, minus the crappy santoku knife, and my paring knife is a different design from this one. The rest is identical.

I have looked into replacing them with “better” knives over the years, but every time I go to look at, handle, price out, compare, etc other knives… I can find absolutely no reason at all to replace them.

I absolutely love the chef knife, its about the only knife I use in the whole set, with occasional use of the other knives. It’s very well made, with a good heavy perfectly balanced feel. I like that it’s a thick blade, with a wide spine and bolster. It’s heel is sturdy enough for light cleaving if ever needed (I would recommend buying a cleaver for that though).

It’s blade height is just the right size for scooping up items, or even cutting a pizza and using it as a serving utensil when done.

It’s just a great knife!

I use the other knives in the set sparingly, there isn’t much a near-perfect chef knife can’t do for you. I also use the scissors constantly as well, reaching for them more often then the regular pairs around the house.

I’ve had my set sharpened by my electric sharpener over the years, and then finally a friend of mine, who spends hours manually sharpening knives to their best, got a hold of them and put an even better edge on them. They are still doing very well after all the years of abuse and sharpening.

I do a LOT of cooking and own several chef knives, yet the Chicago Cutlery one is my favorite of them all, and I will re-wash this one more often than the rest when I have a full evening of cooking going on vs grabbing another already-clean knife.

I would highly recommend the metropolitan series. For the price you can’t beat the quality, balance and toughness of these knives.

Oh as to not having a sharpening steel, I did some research… you apparently don’t use santoku knives on a steel, you use a flat water stone instead. And obviously you don’t use serrated knives on them, so adding one to either of these sets is kind of useless being the only knives you could hone with it would be the couple of smaller utility knives.

Centurion’s picture has one too many steak knives. Does that mean centurions can’t count?

Metropolitan or Essentials? After doing some research on the Chicago Cutlery site the 15 piece set on Woot has the description of the Metropolitan set, but the pictures are of the Essentials set. Which one is actually for sale on Woot?

These are not Chicago Cutlery that was. This is sub-standard Chinese junk.