Chicago Cutlery Fusion Classic 18Pc Knife Block Set

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Chicago Cutlery Fusion Classic 18Pc Knife Block Set
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4.5 Stars over at Amazon with over 800 Reviews

I wish I could find images of the individual knifes. There doesn’t seem to be any such images or real videos reviews online.

I like Chicago Cutlery though they don’t hold an edge for real long. If you have a decent knife sharpener this set would be worth the money. I remember I was using a Faber Ware knife one day and the plastic handle broke off mid cut and dug into the palm of my hand. I vowed to find a solid metal knife, one single piece of metal. I ended up finding a Chicago Cutlery and used their knives for about 10 years. I have since moved on but will vouch for them and their durability.

I can’t be 100% but I believe these are solid metal. As in not a separate metal or plastic handle that is bolted to the “tang” <<<(fancy word) of the knife. Thats how their knives used to be anyway.

The more I look at them the more I am convinced they are the single piece of metal models. If you look at the steak knives, there are no bolts. Woot has other Chicago Cutlery look at those and see what I am talking about:

These look exactly like the set my husband and I have. He probably bought it around 2011. They are decent knives. We don’t treat them all that well but they seem to hold up.

The steak knives are one piece, no separate handle, which I like. I think the larger knives are also metal all-through, with the black handle over the top. I had a different set of Chicago Cutlery before I married that were similar except without the black handle piece, and were one piece metal.

According to this site these knifes appear to be full tang/ wu tang. Which means the metal does indeed run all the may through the handle. Which some people may prefer, I feel that a full tang gives the knife a better balance.

Any one know why the woot version says limited lifetime warranty, whereas the Amazon version says full lifetime warranty? Is there a difference?

Are the steak knives serrated or do they have a plain edge? The wife wants serrations…Thanks in advance

It’s just what the vendor told us at the time of our purchase.

Here’s the Chicago Cutlery warranty details. …And gone

They have straight edge.

Are these dishwasher safe? I can’t seem to find the info on this. Thanks.

I did a google search, 4 places that had these same knives, had the same first three reviews… kinda scary…

like the exact same…

Tricky, Tricky. Baq beat me to it.

My first First Sucker (I think anyway… is there an easy way to find out?) and on a BOC. Awesome!


Excellent! Good work!

Technically yes, as they are high-carbon stainless steel. If you want your knives to hold their edge longer, no. The chromium in the steel helps to prevent oxidation so the blades won’t readily rust and the poly handles won’t be damaged by water like wood handles would. That being said, NO knife should be washed in a dishwasher. High temperatures can cause a loss of tempering of the steel at the edge where it the blade is thin, causing it to lose its edge more easily. Even more damaging is the blade repeatedly hitting the other utensils, flattening the edge. Just as you would not stand and bang your knive’s blade edges into one another by hand, you should not subject the knives to that action in the dishwasher.

Water in a dishwasher is not half hot enough to affect the temper of a knife.

Long exposure to moisture could cause rust, but the big problem with putting knives in dishwashers is the banging around.

The detergent could cause dime pitting, but it will do more damage to whatever material the handles are made of.

I wouldn’t worry about the steak knives in this set.

I wouldn’t use the others, but that’s because I think it’s best to put my money into just the knives I need. The down side is that I don’t have a pretty block and matching knives, which I know are factors for some people.