Chicago Cutlery Set of 8 Steak Knives

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Chicago Cutlery Set of 8 Steak Knives
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Dishwasher safe?

I recommend hand washing only… your dishwasher will not be kind to the wood handles on these knives.

These knives have wood handles, so I would think the dishwasher isn’t really a good place for them.

Besides that, you should hand wash your sharp knives.
It’s never a good idea to put a sharp knife in the dishwasher. The soap used in a dishwasher is more abrasive than normal dish detergent, plus the high pressure water will bang them around against other items. Neither of these is good for a sharp edge.

Not to mention the possibility of reaching in and getting cut by a sharp knife.

Hand wash only…


Every 3 months…Rub the wood with a paper towel dipped in olive oil…

Will look better than new and they will last forever…

I bought a set of these knives when they were last offer on woot about 2 months ago. We all enjoy using them and I find them to be a bargain. If you’re not familiar with this knife, I could tell you that it’s the same knife used at the Outback Steakhouse with the exception this this knife has a point and the handle is made of a better wood.

Here is a link to AMAZON It’s for a set of four, but I believe they are the same. Noted after reading through the 72 reviews: Large, even oversized, knife; Handles are a little “rustic” not smooth, nor are they finished; Shade(s) of the wood can vary greatly, so there is a good chance they won’t match; Sharp, but serrated, so it saws more than slices. People were still pretty satisfied with their quality; Seem to need a little extra care on the wood, compared to CC’s better quality knives.

I have some steak knives, which are great for prime meats, but these would be good for the tough (choice) meats we get here on Long Island NY. I’m still on the fence, but if I hit the button, it will be for two.