Chicago Skyline



Darn. I live in Chicago.


'grats Fackoph. You deserve this one :slight_smile:


pretty cool…voted for…knew would get at least 2nd…should buy…we’ll see.


Awesome, in for one


Yes. This.
Go Cub.


i would have gone for this but i don’t like the end result.


clever idea. i like it.


got it. love the colors.


A geek tourist shirt for people that have never been to chicago… no thanks


Great concept, but I think the placement kills it for me. If it ran across the bottom of the shirt I think it would have been stronger.


My first shirt and first woot. So happy. <3 Chicago.


first woot for me. cool shirt. hurrah.


kanye’s homecoming for me dec 15.

EIU ftw1


I think ill pass on this shirt, it’s to bad that Tetris just isn’t for me.


i’m not entirely down with the design, but i’m born and raised in chicago proper, and i love me some tetris… so i guess this is a winner by default.


My favorite City, in for one (hopefully the right size)


Awesome colors, Awesome Game, Awesome City, Awesome Design and just a plain awesome shirt! Way to go designer of the tetris-city-shirt-guy, this one is awesome!


I’m not a huge fan of the placement of the design, but I like tetris, the colors, and the concept, so I’m in for one.


Chicago is nice. For the weekend. While I’m not there I’ll wear this shirt around.