Chicken Fight

nice one! haha!

I’m expecting an ad for Bud Light Lime somewhere.

This must be what a Double Down looks like before the Colonel gets a hold of 'em.

Is that little guy on the bottom left a Ballchinian?


Do the losers become boiled in said water?

Not that I find boiled chicken to be tasty at all.

I feel bad for the ones on the bottom… Always getting their feathers pulled.

On shore, Gonzo sits and observes in silence pausing only to mutter to himself, “Yes…good…”.

It’s not about ‘winging’ or losing. It’s about the love of the game.

there is obviously something i’m missing, just like when i go to KFC and they forget a part of my order

“Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?”

Now I understand why cockfighting is illegal. The risk of drowning is too great.

Someone forgot to heat up the oil before putting in the chickens.

I think they need swim trunks.

Do female chickens have that red crest too? I thought it was only roosters.

I get that people may feel bad for the bottom ones, but I almost think they may be more comfortable than the top. They aren’t having their legs pulled while trying to balance and fight…not to mention the feathers going…ahem…up the hoo-haa.

Hey, that’s not right- chickens, when water fighting, hold each other behind the secondary flight feathers!

Or not. Heck, it’s just a shirt.

We could have had some feathers flying- that would have made a nice touch. But interesting concept!

I’m confused. Chickens don’t have bright red wattles or combs like that, but roosters also have brightly colored tail feathers. I’m calling this shirt out for being anatomically incorrect.

When I saw the thumbnail on the page, I thought the chickens were playing patty-cake, not fighting. Our neighbor has a cat that plays it, so why not chickens? Just not sure that the cat and chicken will play nicely together.