Chicken Fight

I’m pretty sure cockfighting is illegal in the state Woot is in. This shirt is too funny. Too bad it reminds me of my first car, and not fond memories either.

I feel like there is a good “why did the chicken cross the road” joke here, but I just cannot think of anything.

Holy cow, look at the chicken on the bottom left! There’s no way the others are taking THAT one down.

No horseplay in the kitty pool.

extremely clever. i would however have liked to see a more realistic struggle rather than barely touching the tips of the feathers. i can’t complain tho, there’s no way i could design it

I see this and think “C___FIGHT”

No, not “cat”.

Cant wear this shirt in 2010 or beyond. Maybe 1985 and beyond.

It’s a real film from 1974. Place your bets!


waits patiently

i get it!! pollo!

i think c0ck fighting is illegal.

OK, now I get it. New one on me!

Always wondered how they settled on their pecking order.

Sorry, not for me. I don’t watch “The View.”

Hahaha whoever you are, I now love you, because I work at Kfc and hate my job, but now everytime I see a double down, I’m gonna think of this shirt and smile :stuck_out_tongue:

Sword fighting, on the other hand, is just unsanitary.

Never enjoyed that game…

haha! NICELY DONE, even I got your punny ‘pollo’ response when Woot clearly failed to do so.

This is a pic of one of my hens:

Con Pollo

This past weekend went out the lake with some friends and some were doing this.

Unfortunately not a fan of the pale blue shirt color :confused: