Chicken Fight

That’s fowl.

i noticed that too. must be a mod from the st louis hq as surely one in tx would know the spanish word for chicken considering how many mexican restaurants we have around here.

I didn’t know chickens were water birds.

It looks like animal fighting has been taken to a whole new step. I’ll put 15 dollars down on the left pair of chickens!

Best. Food Fight. Ever.

I am from Northeast PA and never heard of a “Chicken Fight”. I googled it to find out what it was.

Must be a regional thing. :confused:

This is genius, and I love the color. click

Do only the top two have at it? I am unfamiliar with the rules of chicken fight.

Here in England we settle things like gentlemen, one on one, with a lace glove smacked across the face and then a flurry of wild air flailing with the eyes closed.


From Idaho and we called them Camel Fights.

Fish out of water?

I’m from northeast pa too, and I’ve heard of chicken fights! We used to do them all the time. Maybe it’s just a cool person thing. :slight_smile:

Not the most diverse group of chickens, are they? All white-meat…

RUBIO! It’s all he’s good for…LOL!

This shirt is totally worth 10 “buks”… Would this be the championship fight in the “featherweight” division?

Ya know you might want to do a google image search for chickens. Surprisingly they come in a multitude of color combinations. Who knew?

Anybody looked at this guy’s website? He has some seriously funny stuff on there. I predict another wootshirt for this artist in the future.

rats answered the wrong post.

in the water, put your girlfriend on your shoulders. trying to get the other dudes girl in the water by wressling. if you do it with dudes your playing the wrong game.

I wonder if they have to wear water wings to float…