Chicken Wasted

One day, before my Wii crumples to dust, I must play a Zelda game. So much will became clear. Although it seems I should be frightened of poultry?!?!??!?!


This is a problem you need to address soon lonely pond,lol.

Congrats on the print Apelad.

No winner winner chicken dinner tonight.

I am calling amazon authorities on this shirt. It is wrong. Please pull it. Teach my kid to bully

It is in fact retribution for bullying. In Zelda games, when Link stabs/slashes a chicken too many times they get mad and swarm him in punishment for hurting one of them.

Serious sick shirt and the world going crazy with bulling

Be afraid.



I didn’t get this because I never stabbed a chicken while playing Zelda. I would have thought that fairly normal behavior, not stabbing chickens.

Why hasn’t anyone noticed the Grand Theft Auto reference of the design? And you call yourself gamers? Pfftt.

This is why I came to read comments. I was certain someone would assume Link was drunk and cry foul FOR THE CHILDREN!

Looks fairly tame in here though. That LonLon milk though…

Are you being sincere? Do you not get these references?

As it was written in the Zelda prophecies, “Be wary of fowl-kind, for their vengeance is terrible and swift.”

Seriously though, I love the design. It’s a clever mashup.

Not my style but I love the design. BWAKKK!!

I got bullied in school I did not stab chicken or kids