Chief Many Feathers

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Lots of holiday-specific shirts showing up lately.

Alvarejo, great detail. Grats on the print

Interesting colors.

This one’s a pass…very um, November-y…

Edit: I just looked at it closer after the chicken comment, and I see now that it’s sort of a rooster, and not sort of a turkey as I thought it was. I guess I’m sort of the turkey, heh…

My chickens would laugh at me if they saw me wearing this…

i find this offensive. if i was native american.

Wow, that’s actually very pretty looking! :slight_smile:

Oh the jokes that could be made when you wear this shirt… I’ll sleep on it and decide in the morning.

As a descendant of a long line of chickens, this shirt offends me.


I live in a Native American-heavy area, and while I don’t find it offensive, I find the description kind of depressing. I also live near way too many chicken plants, so double the bummer. Or maybe I’m just tired and need to go to bed, but I think I’d like it more if it weren’t for the chicken/Native American combo.

It’s well executed, but not for me.

very cool design! i want one for my wall. i wish i could see other people wearing this

Oh man! This is the best shirt I’ve seen in a while and it’s defiantly worthy of my second woot purchase.

How is this not offensive?

If you wanna be a patriotic turkey wear this shirt.

Wow, this is really something.

Not something I’d wear, but very well done.

Correction: If I was a native American, I would find this offensive.

Even Gen. Custer would find this offensive.

How IS this offensive?! It’s a chicken wearing a head dress. Why is that offensive? Nobody is calling them poultry or something. Everybody needs to lighten up and stop peeing their pants at every little thing that could be considered not “P.C.”

Are native americans stereotypically portrayed as chickens or something?