Childish Side of the Moon

Meri Kurisumasu!

This is what happens when the Pink Floyd generation becomes grandparents.

Wow, this is so awesome!

Merry Christmas everyone at Shirt.Woot!

All that you touch
All that you see
All that you taste
All that you stick up your nose

“Any Colour You Like”

The art teacher side of my brain says yes…

The Pink Floyd side of my brain says YES…

Why is this not already on my body…

If they were angled properly, I would buy this.

Would be better if the colors were at an appropriate angle. Light does not refract on a level plane, which I learned in grade 7… The original Pink Floyd album cover illustrated this point, is there a reason this shirt doesn’t? Besides a lack of a grade school education in addition to a lack of attention to detail?


singing: Arithmetic is in my head… ♫

Like the chalk triangle texture…

Also, Merry Christmas shirtwoot!, if you celebrate. If not, save the sentiment for something you do celebrate. Thanks for the company after midnight ; )

You guys are such babies. “Angled properly”. It’s called “childish side of the moon”, emphasis on childish. Also, anyone that knows anything will know exactly what this shirt references, and then you can shoot the shit talking about angling with them rather than here. It’s crayola floyd, not pink floyd, so i don’t think it needs to be much more authentic than it already is

Yawn. Bored.

Done. Thanks Woot! They’ll be no sorrow for those comfortably numb for Arnold Layne has set the controls for the heart of the sun.

The angles not being right is a bit annoying, but what I really cannot get past is that they exchanged colored light with colored pigment. They way those mix together is completely different.

This is a nonsensical concept, there’s no way for this shirt to exist without conceptually violating physics in some way. Getting upset by something like that is like getting upset that Alice’s voice doesn’t completely change pitch when she becomes tiny or huge.

And that is exactly why I just ordered two. One for each grandchild. They’re not even a year old yet so they’ll have to grow in to them, and when pops tells them this was the first cassette tape he ever owned he’ll have to explain what a cassette tape is, but it will be a bonding moment.

Love this design…but am I the only one who hates the new tshirt material? Any chance they will go back to American Apparel? The new shirts dont hold form and shape at all.