Chillbuster Portable Heating Blanket

Chillbuster Portable Heating Blanket
$29.99+ $5 shipping
1 Thermogear Chillbuster Portable Heating Blanket

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Does this come with a car charger?

Hey winter’s coming, Remember??

this is what i waited for? what would i use this for? i live in Afganastan

Has anyone heard of these bursting into flames and consuming its user? If not, what is the flame rating on this one?

This is duurrttyy… At least it fits more with the up coming season than the silly A/C unit. Good night woot!!

This is a tempting item… Would be nice for someone that travels alot and may break down when it is cold weather… Would be nice to keep in the car… Not sure I am in the market for it… But it sure looks tempting.

Not a bad price…a bit cash strapped right now though…

With Smart Post will arrive just in time for the chilly season. Thank you woot!

Waited up to see something that I can’t even use. I live in Texas, where I barely ever need a blanket at all. Let alone a heating one. G’nite. :frowning:

anyone know the size of the blanket Unrolled?

You had me until " * When fully charged, the 12 volt power pack will provide heat for up to 3 hours."

Who only wants to sleep warmly for 3 hours? Boo.


I’d rather have something that will freeze me.

These are good to cram in your computer case to keep the CPU warm!


What’s the consensus on this? Actually looks a bit neat, but not sure if I’d have much use for it since I have heat in my house and all. And car. And my blankets tend to do that to me without electricity. But I still can’t help thinking it’s neat.

eh what the hell, I’m in for one. Could be good in the car, just in case, or it would be good for these cold winters in NY!

How about a cooling blanket for the hot summers in the Southwest. Like I need a heater.

Perhaps I’m reading-impaired, but I don’t see the size (unrolled). Any help?