Chillbuster Portable Heating Blanket

the people that burned up using this aren’t talking…

Will work well for those cold night you run out of gas. May have to still cuddle.

Woot fails to list a size. Amazon lists one similar or the same - it’s 46" x 62". Kinda tiny -

STOP shipping smartpost! IT STINKS!!! We want our FedEx Ground back!!

How many wooters who were whining about the seasonably late AC unit are gonna gripe it’s too early for an electric blanket?

  1. What is the size of the blanket

  2. How long does it take to charge?

Ridiculous to buy without knowing those two pieces of information.

This will be perfect for when I am stuck at the barn waiting for the vet or horse shoer to show up during those cold winter months!!!

This would work quite well during those December Broncos home games…

which I don’t attend, so I’m not in for this.

I’ve got one of these. It’s pretty handy. Especially to keep in your car. I live in New England though… especially handy.

This definately leaves questions unanswered.

What kind of rechargeable batteries?
What type of charger?
What size is the blanket?
Are the batteries replaceable?
Is it one 12V battery or a battery “pack”?
Is it Washable?

You are right. Here in Minnesota, as I was waiting for my bus to come to the stop, it was almost-freezing levels here in MN!!! I mean I’m not gonna use a blanket at a bus stop but its COLD here… I won’t be buying it tho

I’m all about this thing. Stuff it in your sleeping bag or keep it at work for those insane burst of localized A/C.

And…well, there’s always the chance of getting stranded in your vehicle. It does snow in these parts.

“Portable?” Since when is a BLANKET not portable, anyway?

speaking strictly as a woman…i don’t really need an extra furnace…i can generate my own. and it’s still working perfectly.

hot = hot.


I can’t believe you guys. It’s for stadium use. 3 hours Football game in freezing temps etc etc has a better item tonight. this would be ok if you could keep it charged up as an emergency car blanket i guess

yeah I heard they all died

Is this thing washable?

When it’s an electric blanket and you have to plug it in. Uhh, hello? Is this thing on?

Or you can just watch it on the bigscreen. And not freeze. But, then, maybe it’s a guy thing.