Chimpanzee Robusto

Like the affect, like the color, don’t like the chimp smoking.

No thanks… what is up with the monkey shirts?

too funny, but no thanks

after 2 days :DDD
3rd woot shirt :smiley:

this might be funny if you were high

Cool graphic - the chimp smoking a stogie - but what a hideous banana yellow shirt

Too good not to pass up.

hands down this 1 is the sickest 1 yet!

No thanks woot. I mean, I know its a smoking monkey on a banana colored shirt, but thats just too cruel for me.

More like what’s up with a monkey opened in mspaint and attacked from the neck down with the eraser tool.

this is cool, but I don’t like the chimp smoking. don’t smoke, don’t support smoking, nope. no sale.
this’ll sell out.


like the base color. but eh, its a chimp and I’m not that much of a chump. =P

i hate fucking lemon.

woot-off monkey…

Shirt is nothing compared to woot-off monkey…

This shirt rocks! That is one of the coolest looking designs I have yet to see.

If only the monkey was swimming and had tenticles.

Buying it!! nice shirtwoot.

My first Woot Tee. WOOT !