China Shop

Mythbusters says this is Shenanigans!

i don’t get it…

Really like the jublin style. Very nice how the red adds a flair. Cool about the antigravity powers too.

You know, bulls get a bad wrap. They’re actually quite agile.

However, Jublin does a great job making a bull wrecking a china shop look sweet! Congrats on the print!

It must be hard to be an antiques dealer in Pamplona, Spain.

It appears that the bull is floating. Perhaps that is the secret to why the bull cannot avoid the china. Floating can make it hard to maneuver.

Would it be overstating the obvious to call bull on this shirt?

it’s a flying bull!

Jublin = Grand Cartooning Master of All Masters.

<3 <3 <3 <3

Awww now this is a adora-bull. I like the striking red and gray on asphalt. I will have to think on this one.

What’s up with the chandelier? Why’s it made of molars?

I love the attention to details like the tattoos on the girls arm.

It’s the little details that really make this shirt. Check out the girl’s dress, or her arm.

I don’t understand how all these bulls get into china shops. Also, if I owned a china shop, I would definitely not let in anyone carrying a hammer.

This shirt makes me wonder if a lot of dishes get broken during Year of the Ox…

toro toro toro

I have a feeling this design is alluding to some phrase, proverb, or saying I’m completely blanking on. Something about a bull in a china shop…? Help me out here! >__<

Mythbusters did it.

Cute design, but I think I’d like it better without the girl.