Chirps Cricket Protein Chips, 12 Count

Chirps Cricket Protein Chips, 12 Count


Uh… :shushing_face:
How about: no. :nauseated_face:

Love these! But the bag size in the description seems off - is it really .5 oz, or is it the full size 5oz bag?

Zoom in. Bag says 5 Oz.

So they are paying me $36+tax to eat this stuff? Thanks Woot!

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OK. 2 big things on this.

  1. The bags are .5 oz a piece. You get 12. That is total of 6 oz of chips for approximately $36. And that is ‘on sale.’ $6 per .5 oz bag of 'chips"!!! No way! 2) I clicked on ‘features’ simply because I was curious about the protein content. I wouldn’t buy it. I was just curious. No features! Just an add! Woot - please don’t sell something without providing all the info. I hope that was simply a mistake.

Weird that there’s no nutritional information. I’m not going to buy food if I can’t make an informed decision.

No, it’s 5 oz (142g) per bag.

Dairy free? Not so much.

Conflicting information.

I see that, but that doesn’t mean the wrong image was used.

Free of: soy, whey, gluten, GMOs, wheat, and dairy

Chirps Cheddar Cricket Protein Chips

Ingredients : Stone Ground Corn, High Oleic Sunflower and/or Corn Oil, Cricket Protein (Acheta domesticus, Gryllodes sigillatus), Pea Flour, Chia Seeds, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavors, Cheddar Seasoning (cheddar and romano cheese [cow’s milk, cultures, salt, enzymes], salt, whey, buttermilk solids, tomato powder, sugar, yeast extract, onion powder, nonfat milk, garlic powder, spices, paprika extract, tapioca solids, lactic acid, jalapeño pepper, natural flavors).


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So it’s a tortilla chip, made with corn flour, so it’s not low carb.
It’s just ‘fortified’ with cricket protein.
And the ingredients include ‘Yeast Extract’ which means monosodium glutamate, MSG.
Which means that it tastes bad and they need to put in a ‘flavor enhancer.’

Essentially, this is the stuff that stays on the Trader Joe’s shelf during all the panic buying because even if you’re starving, you ain’t eating this.


I tried a bag of thee from the local store. They taste just “OK” but gave me heartburn. I threw the last 1/4 of the bag out.


I’m just disturbed that the name is “Chirps”

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