Chloe Lighting Fixtures

Can you use these lights as additions to ceiling fans?

If you’re a competent fabricator, then you should be able to bash something together to make it work.

They’re not designed to do it, and may be susceptible to vibration. They may also be a little heavy for that purpose.

Can they do more of the desk lamps again - those were fantastic!! the one i wanted to buy for my sister sold out before i could get back on!!

Are these plug-in lights? Or hard wire?
(I’m sooo hoping plug-in!)

I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you to just read the SPECS!

**Electrical: Hardwired **

However…you can easily MAKE this a plug in lamp by going to your hardware store and buying THIS for a $1.10

the 3 limit sucks for buying the wall sconces. I need 4 for my movie room. 3 is not going to cut it. Looks like I am out

How about getting a friend to buy one for you…hmmmmmm