Chloe Lighting

What are the dimensions of this lamp.

Not listed, we were checking the same. :frowning:

We’re not sure which lamp you’re asking about. Could you link to the one you’d like more details on?

I’d like dimensions on this lamp please.

Is this light a two-light, or three light Victorian light? The specs say three 100-watt bulbs, but the title says two-light:

Can we get some specs please?
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No specs on how large these lamps are (still!) … so have to pass. Bummer.

Yep, I was ready to purchase. Still on hold.

Manufacturer apparently won’t support their products on their web site:

But, they will share specs with Woot’s competitor:
“Dimensions: 28 inches tall x 21-inch diameter”

21" in diameter? Too small to fit in big rooms, 28" height? Too tall to fit in small rooms. Someone didn’t read Goldilocks as a kid.

Excellent lamp, looks great, sturdy, well made. Shipping is very slow three weeks. But it is very well packed inn the box. great deal.