Chloé Optical Frames

Men’s? Woman’s? Unisex??

I’d say it’s up to your style. Important measurements are on the specs tab of each pair’s detail page.

Is there any strength in the lenses?

by the looks of the description, there are no lenses whatsoever… it is just frames

The lenses that are in these are meant to be taken out and replaced with prescription lenses - or clear, nonprescription lenses.

Chloe is a fashion house with designs geared toward women. Now, can you wear these if you are a man? I guess, but you may not want to. Or, if you do, you obviously don’t need me to tell you what style you can and can’t have.

No glasses for girls with tiny faces. :frowning:

Oh my lord, I have the exact same problem. It’s shockingly hard to find small frames that fit me… that also don’t cost hundreds of dollars before I even put my lenses in.

I usually go with kid frames, sadly. They are usually more economically priced compared to adult frames that fit my face. It would be nice to have a pair of big girl glasses though!

You should try Rivet & Sway, a new Seattle-based startup that is a direct competitor of Lookmatic, but directed towards women. You can work with a stylist, try three pairs before you make a decision (with no obligation at all).

They are quite amazing.

Might I mention that I am completely in love with ALL of the rollovers for this plus.woot collection.


At least I’m not the only one cackling loudly.

And alone.

In my office.

sigh Guess I need to buy these, hunh.