Cho over at DBH


Hey guys!, I was wondering if you could show some support for me over at DBH. I made my first submission over there last night, here it is:

I’m over there as “Bad_TeaParty” Thanks in advance for your votes!


You got my vote! I hope it makes it.


F’ing brilliant. Damn…


Can I tell you how much I love the name for the picture file? :slight_smile:


Wow, this is even better looking in close up. I think you should post a link to the zoomed version at DBH so the non-woot voters there can see it, too.


Hi James- Voted and left a comment. (I’m kstein over there! Didn’t seem right to be klswoot :slight_smile: ) I hope it gets printed. It’s awesome. I agree with GF. You might want to link to the enlarged image. You can enter it as a comment.

I actually thought of you yesterday when the whale image won!

Good luck!


hey kls, I saw you over there too. voted for both of you amazing artsy types. :slight_smile:


Hi Attila! Thanks! I saw your comment on the koi fish :slight_smile: I submitted a “funkier” fish design to woot as a daily, but I haven’t heard anything. Keep your fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


Awesome shirt Cho. Boy, Woot takes a week off and we all move to DBH! I posted a shirt yesterday as well. I’m a bit embarassed to mention it along with all of your great shirts but I’d appreciate any constructive (or even deconstructive) comments.

Here’s the graphic and link:


hey!, thanks everyone. I didn’t know you were kstein over there (kristen?) I love your paintings as well. (i shot a vote over for yours koi (which i adore) and your shoulder bouquet. And that robert, nothing to be embarrassed about friend (i voted for your entry at dbh!). I shot over a pmsg, so be sure to check.


Yes. That’s me! Thanks for the vote. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to reference DBH on woot, but here are my listings over there..

Robert- I love your fern design. I left a comment and voted. Good luck. Looks like you posted yours right around the time that I posted my Shoulder Bouquet. We are next to each other in the gallery. Nice company!


Wow, you’re quite prolific on DBH there! I voted for several of your designs. I especially liked Solitude.


Hey Thanks! I’ve noticed that a couple of mine, yours and Cho’s have all been in the "most popular’ on DBH for the past few days. Hope one of us gets a win one day. I think James’ entry is really on it’s way. I’ve seen some printed with only about 70-80 votes. I’m not sure exactly how they go about picking the daily winner, but it looks like James’ will DEFINITELY get printed sometime in the next 60 days. Good luck!