Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, Co. Breakup Bar

Looks really good…can my wallet resist the urge?

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, Co. Breakup Bar
$15.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: 100% Pure Chocolate
Product: 1 Two Pound Solid Chocolate Breakup Bar
Kind: Milk Chocolate (38% cocoa), Dark Chocolate (54% cocoa)

Company Website
Link to this exact product here

what’s the % on the dark chocolate?

Wonder if you can melt it and add bacon salt?

Is this baking chocolate or regular eating chocolate?

It kinda seems like a sin on wine.woot to not sell this with a bottle of Port!

Would like to know too, good question!

If you sign up now, you’ll probably get your discount card before 2lbs (or should I say 6) of chocolate is snail delivered…

nevermind. found on company’s site: 54%

It’s too bad both have dairy. I’m vegan and lactose intolerant.

Yay, St. Louis tradition! I recommend Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate to everyone!

100% Pure Dark Chocolate

Someone was mentioning chocolate fondue in the previous offering’s thread? Looks like they got their wish. Just add heat and strawberries.

The key is the cocoa butter. This is a quality product.

If it was 100%, I highly doubt you could contain it in your mouth.

artificial flavor? No thanks.

Milk: 38%

Dark: 54%

One word comes to mind


It looks like the dark chocolate is 54% cacoa and the milk is 38% cacoa. Not super dark, but it would probably be really good. This website also lists recommended wine pairings as well.