Chocolate Cow Peanut Butter Cups (9)

The Chocolate Cow Handmade Peanut Butter Cups 9-Piece Box
$32.99 $45.00 27% off List Price


I am genuinely curious how good and how big these are, because for nearly 4 bucks a pop (over that with shipping), they’d better be something spectacular…

The specs tab states: Approx Cup Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 0.75"

But I’d like to know the weight if possible.

I was thinking the same thing. I love me some peanut butter cups but this price is crazy high.

There is a reason why information is limited. No value here .
Free shipping and $15 a value, else wise duck and cover

Excellent question.
I’ll ping the Wine peeps for further info. Once we have a reply we’ll update the sale/thread.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Shipping is included. So $3.66 a piece.

Not that I think that makes it worth it, just in the interest of accuracy. :wink:

judging by the pictures on the web site I’d have to guess that the cups are about 50% bigger than the Fleur de Sel Salted peanut butter cups. I think I’d want to drop by the store and try one before I jumped in for 9 at this price.

I’d so much rather buy $38 worth of king-sized Reese’s cups.

I have actually seen them made in person at the store a few months back on Wine tasting weekend … very time consuming process, but worth their weight in gold … unreal quality

Sonoma’s own! right on the town square. my kids love chocolate cow. very glad they have agreed to participate.

someone will be in shortly to discuss. these are not for the feint of heart. heavy, dense versions.

it is their signature product.

Greetings! … I am a rep for the Chocolate Cow … We would like to thank wine.woot and their team for making us a part of this amazing community … please feel free to ask any questions about our PB cups!

9pac PBC’s weigh approximately 1.15lbs to 1.25lbs, due to the process of hand making each peanut butter cup. Enjoy.

Thanks, David!!

I would like to introduce our Chocolatier, DucksonaPOND, to the thread … He makes the magic happen!!

We are new to this community but already feeling the love the and support … Thanks everyone!

Since when are food and drinks not sold by weight or volume? How about less Woot Monkeys and more proper info?

Hey that will probably carry you to January.

If I actually bought these precious peanut jewels, I’d never hear the end of it from my wife. “Thirty-five bucks for 9 chocolates”? Not to mention the dent on my CC.

I’d also then be on the hook for a HUGELY expensive anniversary gift.

This is a non-starter. It is not WOOT worthy.

Hello Wooters,
As a current assistant chocolatier to Steve Pond, I’ll Inform you about the process of making The Chocolate Cow’s Peanut Butter Cups (PBC). First step is making the creamy center. The process starts in a fudge machine and takes approximately three hours, although the details of what’s inside our notorious PBC’s is obviously not something to post, but I can tell you it’s made from scratch. After the filling sets for 24 hours, we then temper the chocolate and begin the process of making the PBC’s. I would say Steve can make 25 PBC’s in 15-20 minutes, finishing his specialty product with his signature mark on top of the PBC. Last step is two minutes in the refrigerator, then packaging. These PBC’s are big and have been a top seller sense he opened 25 years ago. The filling was made today 3/18/15, and I look forward to a very busy day tomorrow. Enjoy.