Chocolate Cow Peanut Butter Cups (9)

Each PB cup is roughly 2.2 ounces … it varies due to them being hand crafted in our shop and not manufactured. Appreciate the time & energy!

Darlin, I love me some candy, but at $26.40 per lb, I’m not going to buy it.

Mr. Chocolate Man,
How do these compare taste wise to the Reese’s brand? I can see that they are much bigger, however, what about the taste? My husband is hooked on Reese PBCs, and I’d like to surprise him for his birthday in April if these are FAR superior.
Thank you,

I can’t comment on this brand, but in my hometown we have a local specialty chocolate shop that’s now nationwide called Kilwin’s. Mrs Kilwin freqents the restaurant that I work at and still makes homemade chocolate from scratch even though she just turned 90! She was in last week for her 90th birthday party, and she brought us all some of her homemade chocolate and if this guy has been doing this for many many years and its his passion too, I bet the taste is going to be amazing.

There is a lot of good skill and passion that goes into proper high end chocolate making, not something you can just look up and replicate.

If it wasn’t for my awesome local chocolate hook up here I’d be all over this!

Are your chocolates Kosher?


If he’s hooked on Reese’s, there is no substitute. Go online and buy him the 1 lb. Reese’s (Two 1/2 lb. cups) for $14.95. He’ll go nuts.

The Easter eggs are out right now. Those have the perfect consistency and ratio.

Hey, these pb cups might be of unknown quality but I can guarantee they are superior to Reese’s.

Also, as a person that has grown up with a family owned candy store I can tell you how to make your own peanut butter centers that will be better than anything you’ve ever bought. Take your favorite peanut butter(I would recommend against using a low sodium PB for this), I prefer chunky, mix into that powdered sugar(you can make this yourself instead of buying special sugar) melted butter and the real trick to getting creamy PB centers, a bit of melted chocolate. We use white chocolate because it adds a more creamy flavor almost like a fluffernutter. Now all you gotta do is put some chocolate on that and you will have made a peanut butter cup greater than any thing Reese’s has ever made.

A king size package of Reese’s is 2.8 ounces so you are essentially getting around 9 packs of them for $33. No thanks. I get that these are handcrafted but that means we’re paying an awful lot for labor and getting very little product in return.

I thought the salted caramels were ridiculous, but these far surpass them.

For the first time in my seventy plus years, I’m passing up a peanut butter cup. Never thought it was come to this.

Chocolate Cow Reps: Once received, would you recommend or discourage freezing these for future enjoyment? As such a luxury item, I would be apt to save for special occasions. Thanks!

Are these gluten free? Most PBCs are, but an ingredient list would be most helpful.

Today, asking for wine from winewoot was too much.

Now I want a butterfinger!!!

Yeah, for this price they better be putting magic mushrooms in the middle.

I’m the farthest I could be from being frugal and buy too many items from woot. But $38 bucks for 9 chocolate/peanut cups is nuts. (like what I did there)
Perhaps, watching them being made, tasting them, fragrance in the air, would be tempting but online…?

So let me get this straight - people are happy to pay 10x or 20x the price of a bottle of Charles Shaw for fancy wine, yet scoff at the idea of handmade peanut butter cups because they cost far more than factory made Reese’s.

Sad to see so many people confused about the difference between industrial candy production and artisanal chocolates. Other than the fact they both have cocoa in them, you really can’t compare. If you want cheap chocolates, get your Reeses. If you want a superior peanut butter cup, then order up.

Slippery slope. These are, in fact FAR superior, thereby creating the risk that you’ll spoil him for the Reese’s brand, requiring you to buy these again and again. After all, that’s why they’re here, another major WD coup.

Industrial candy tastes like wax. Cheap ingredients. I never eat it anymore. I’ve never had this candy, though