Chocolatey Night Tote

is there a set time between items?

0 for 2, so far.

I’m pretty sure I heard, “no,” but I could be wrong.

The last one went 20 minutes, so try that.

It’s time based, but the amount of time is a mystery. 20 minutes for the first shirt, but the tote seems to be selling better, so who knows how long on this one.

Yep…could be an expensive night.

I have some $$$ set aside for this. Hope I get to spend it!

I don’t wear totes.

…Err carry them. Yeah, that’s it.

My missed BOC is still haunting my cart. Thanks for the constant reminder that I’m 0 for a zillion. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s time to let go…

HAHA! What would a woot off be without some sniveling? X-D
or LOL cats?

Did someone say CATS!! :slight_smile:


Yeah. We need more catshirts.woot!


touche pussycat

What the, I did not know what a “Woot Off” was…

It was still in stock when I came to the site but hesitated :frowning:

I like it!!