Chocolatey Night

Instant masterpiece!

for the night is dark and full of cookies…

just blurry enough…like that chocolate chips have managed to work their way into this midnight snack craving dreamscape

“3. Do not ask to see the work’s nutritional information.”

T-shirts … 100% fiber. That’s nutritious, right?

Low calorie yes, not sure about nutritional value.

I like how Cookie Monster blends in so well with the expected artwork style. At first glance you nearly miss him, assuming it’s basically a resized replica of the original painting, then take a wait-a-minute second look and smile big.

A must have for any chocolate lover! And art lover! And cookie lover! All lovers unite! Buy this shirt! I surely am getting one.

i wish the second option for each design was still available. t-shirts never seem to fit me right but this would be instabuy on anything else…

Great shirt!
What’s the difference between the men’s & women’s shirt?
Is the woman’s more fitted, softer?

It’s clear that the relative size of the “town” to the “cookies” is a representation of the subject’s social life as interrupted by his obsessive compulsive behavior. The relative lack of shading and diverse tones suggests that the subject has a very limited sense of the world; perhaps even childlike.

Yeah…what is the difference?

I normally get a Men’s Large…but I really dislike long long shirts. They fit around my chest perfectly, but almost cover all of my pants.

Now, the Women’s XL might be the right length for me. However…I don’t want it to have the cut designed for a lady or fitted and soft like many ladies prefer.

Anyone that can answers these questions, I’ll buy this shirt. Otherwise, I’d hate to waste $12.

C is for Cookie.

That’s good enough for me.

Now that Cookie is on a diet…


The women’s shirts are like women’s shirts. Close fitting, and fitted. A men’s large fits me comfortably at the chest (38F). The woman’s XL is VERY fitted/tight. Unless you’re REALLY into the look, you’ll just look like a guy in a tight women’s tee shirt.

So many awesome entries this week - but the cookie monster has to win again. What’s so creative or special about this shirt? Meh. -_-

One of Vincent Van Dough’s masterpieces!

RIP CMON! Veggie monster will never replace you in our hearts or in our snacks!

PemberDucky: Is there any talk in the halls and conference rooms at woot! about switching back to American Apparel blanks? I continue to have hope, but I would like to know what the long term plans look like for us. Thanks!

the sizes all run small. the ladies x-large is small… i am 5’7, 135 pds and not huge boobage… the x-large is too small. i always buy a mens medium. it is loose but not crazy loose… the mens small is snuggish in the shoulders.