Choice of Airblown Halloween Inflatables

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**Item: **Choice of Airblown Halloween Inflatables
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Condition: New

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Comments from when the “Runaway Ghost Scene” was previously sold

Soooo, are we going to get our annual glow stick/flashlight sale this year? I need some more of the combo flashlight/glowsticks for this year and I’m waiting…patiently…

Just got Runaway Ghost. Inflates fast and looks good. Ordered Headless Horseman,but hasn’t arrived yet. Have a giant inflatable Haunted House made by Gemmy. I have had it for years. It has 3 fans to inflate it and only this year have I noticed a decrease in fan output. I should probably mention that I do a Haunted House for charity each year and it gets used alot this time of year.

Wasn’t the pumpkin with the ghosts 34.99 last time? I bought one and dont remember it being $50? I LOVE IT though it looks very nice, steady piece and its not junk fabric pathetically stitched together like some cheap ones.

Woot, you would be better off putting all of them in one picture on the front page. The Disney fanatics are missing out today. So sad. The other inflatables aren’t getting the spotlight.

BTW, what does it take for me to get a quality post? I been on 6 forever. I would also like to argue ALL my posts are of the highest quality. :).

Also the trick or treat banner on the pac man one broke off on the 1 side, that may need additional tape or what not to keep it held on.

True dat.
And for those viewing on an iPad, it is impossible to determine which inflatable is which price.

The first rule of a Quality Post is: never mention quality posts.

Did anyone else notice that the Runaway Ghost Scene went from $19.99 to $39.99? I was going to order it earlier, but was leaving at the time, came home to order and up went the price…