Choice of MicroCotton Sheet or Duvet Set

Has anyone ever ordered this set in the past? I have been holding off purchasing a sheet set until I find a good set on sale, but I want to be sure that these will last a good while before committing. Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey, you said… ;->

Previous comments on Home Source Micro Cotton Bedding sold here.


How can we wooters be expected to take a stand while we are lying on our beds?

I’ve had these sheets (in white) for a little over two months now…they are in a regular rotation with two other sheet sets, but they haven’t yet softened up much. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m pretty disappointed with these sheets. I think that the current price point is much more reasonable, but I still don’t think they’re much better than an average $50ish sheet set, and I’ve definitely bought better sheets for less (black friday sales, ross…)

I wish I were happier with them, but in my opinion it just hasn’t been a very good purchase. (On the other hand, the microcotton towels I wooted awhile ago have been fantastic. They’ve roughened a bit over time, but are still rather full and soft.) I think in principle microcotton can be a nice luxury, but in practice these sheets just aren’t impressive. Hope this helps any prospective buyers.

White sheets or white sheets? What the heck has happened to Woot? Remember when you guys actually offered some really unusual and cool stuff? Amazon has sucked the life force right out of you. Sad. I haven’t bought anything in months (which the wife appreciates). Can you get your money back from the buyout?

This is Sellout. That means we’re selling out the last of the remaining stock on an item.

I actually have gotten better quality sheets on sale for half this price on a home shopping channel. Higher thread count and better cotton. Micro cotton is still cotton in smaller threads. Larger longer threads typically equal softer fabric. Now this does not always mean this is inferior, for toweling, micro cotton is amazeballs, for sheets, mixed reviews. It seems higher thread count in micro cotton the better where in something like Egyptian cotton it is not a big deal.

So, the only thing left in king size is a “Duvet Set”. From what I can tell, it is a Duvet COVER set since it does not include a duvet. Correct?

Don’t buy these. They feel like sandpaper. I’ve made many purchases from Woot. This is the only one that I’ve regretted.

A quilt, usually with a washable cover, that may be used in place of a bedspread and top sheet.

If one calls this a Duvet Set, one would think it would include the duvet (quilt), its cover, and maybe matching pillow shams. I think we Americans have once again re-invented a meaning.

I’d love to see some REALLY extra deep pocket sheets show up here. Like 22" extra deep, king size.

Forgot to read the writeup for sellout last night. Please never do that again.

That’s Way More Annoying Than Trying To Read A Long Wall Of Text Where The Writer Decides That What They Have To Say Is Really Important So They Will Go Through The Entire Write Up Capitalizing Each Word In The Entire Email.


Wow, thanks woot, reminded me I needed to get some new sheets, but not these. You want sheets go to They have a thousand choices higher thread count, and even have bonus sets with two sets of pillow cases with each set of sheets, and best is the price is lower than these too. But like I said Woot thanks for reminding me I needed to get some!