Choice of Powerbag 6000mAh Charging Bag

Solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) on the messenger amazon tells us how it works

I don’t understand these things. they don’t put out enough power to charge very much, and you can get a 13000 mah charger for around $35.
unless you really really like these bags.

They’re really convenient to charge phones and accessories like bluetooth headsets. I agree that the capacity could be better, but you can’t beat the convenience of the built-in battery and cords. The bags are very well made, too; you would pay as much for a batteryless bag. Think of the charging system as a bonus!

I would like to see a reasonably priced, higher capacity battery option though. As you say, such batteries are available around $30 now.

Please include the model numbers of all the bags.

This earlier sale of the Rolling Office Case supplies a model number (RFAP-0018P, presently $110 on the mothersite) and apparently the same photos:

Good luck getting the idiots at the TSA to let you through security with this bad boy.

No different than carrying a laptop bag with a portable charger with everything plugged in inside your bag.

On a different note. I have the rollaway and it has made my life, my shoulder, and back many times better. I’ve paid over $100 for “quality” laptop bags and luggage and I paid $60 for this same bag from WOOT. I’m tempted at getting another just to store for $50 bucks.

I think the value in these bags are more about being able to plug the bag into the wall socket charge everything in there. Its certainly much better than pulling everything out of the bag. They should make a bag that charges an Apple laptop and a USB hub. We can hook our own charging cables and external batteries to the USB hub.

Is this video supposed to convince anyone to buy it?[youtube=kT94Ovn7tIE][/youtube]

When they say 15" do they mean a 15.6" laptop? Or just 15"?

I love these things- yeah the battery isn’t huge, but the bags themselves are very well made, the battery is easy and convenient to charge, (plus it’s all you’ll really need) and it’s just overall a very useful bag. I take this with me when I travel and leave my chargers at home. I plug the bag into the wall and my iPhone into the charging port (with a lightning adapter, although you could just use a USB adapter) and that does the trick just fine.

I picked up the laptop bag a few months ago and as I travel for work (two Mon-Fri trips per month on average) the battery has come in handy several times. I have never had a single issue with TSA, either. Would recommend/buy again.

I have the backpack version of the Powerbag, and I couldn’t be happier with it. If you commute on mass transit and use your phone or tablet to pass the time, it’s super handy to be able to charge your device as you travel. The bags are also very well made, and roomy. I’m thinking about getting one of these in addition to the one I have.

For those concerned about battery size, Powerbag allegedly sells a larger battery that you can swap in. It’s not currently (er, pardon the pun) available, though, and hasn’t been since I’ve owned my bag. I find the existing battery adequate, though. I can charge a device twice fully or several times partially. The latter is a more common scenario, because I usually just need to fuel the phone up enough to get me through my commute.

Here are the complete names with the model number. The model numbers are being added to the sale.

Powerbag RFAP-011P Business Class Case with Built-in Charging System and Removable 6000mAh Battery

Powerbag RFAP-0015P Instant Messenger Bag with Built-in Charging System and Removable 6000mAh Battery

Powerbag RFAP-0018P Rolling Office Case with Built-in Charging System and Removable 6000mAh Battery

There’s a reason for that. The bag certainly appears to be well-constructed. But if you travel regularly and expect this to last, I’d be cautious. My bag lasted about a year before the seams began to separate, the zipper came off the tracks, and two of the three built-in cables stopped working.

My feeling is that I should have known better. For the price, I should have expected a decent bag or a decent battery. In this case I got neither. It was great while it lasted, but I wouldn’t buy again even at these steeply-discounted prices.

You’ll see above that I’m not a fan of the build quality. Rather upset with the lifespan of the bag, actually. But I flew often with a Powerbag and I never once had a problem.

(Mushroom mushroom!)

They are no longer made/produced so that could be a concern (replacement batteries).

So, the messenger bag will fit a larger laptop (17"), but its laptop compartment is smaller than the business bag which will only hold a 15" laptop. Which is it?

What are the additional compartments in the “rolling office”? It looks like it will hold two laptops easily.