Choice of Powerbag 6000mAh Charging Bag

**Item: **Choice of Powerbag 6000mAh Charging Bag
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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8/26/2013 - $29.99-49.99 - 23 comment(s) tells us how it works

Good reviews on the messenger at amazon tells us how it works

check out the warranty over at

Check out some additional info on the messenger bag

“Hey, Mr. TSA Officer, I sure heard you say ‘take it out’ but I am going to leave my laptop in my fancy Messenger & Business Class Case with its ‘Checkpoint Friendly’ FlyFlat design. Deal with it. Oh by the way, I’d like to opt out.”

you can get this or you can get your own battery pack and leave it in your bag, up to you but 6000mah for 20$ is pretty cheap.

Travelling overseas w power roller bag is a painful experience with security clearance. Need to empty aLl contents, EXPLAIN the internal battery inside time after each time. Be ready for this! Good Luck!!

Once again, my shedding white cats prevent me from buying yet another bag. Thanks, kitties!

[I did find a bag made of truck inner-tube that fur does not stick too and can be hosed down if needed!]

I just purchased the business class case. Nice bag. Works well charging Nexus 7.
Disappointed that I paid $10 more less than 2 weeks ago…

Mine are “blue tabbies” but they have a thick, shedding undercoat of white that also prevents me from considering anything that is dark or can not be wiped down. So far all the offered power bags have been a “dark” or bright color that would make their hair clearly visible.

It’s a TSA upgrade to their policies. I saw the signs when I flew this weekend.

Info from TSA

i bought a powerbag from woot a few months ago and it worked great with my iphone 4s. however, i’ve upgraded to the Galaxy S4 and the battery does not charge my new phone. that’s beside the point though, at 6000 mah, this is barely twice the size of my phone’s battery so its not worthwhile anyways. it is a great bag though but i wouldn’t buy another until they have MUCH bigger internal batteries.

Have you tried plugging the original S4 charge cable directly in the usb port on the battery?
That is the only way the N7 will charge.

Can you buy extra or replacment batteries anywhere? Can’t seem to on the Powerbag website or Amazon now.

I have the Rolling Office Powerbag and there is a problem with the retractable handle. I called Powerbag to see about warranty repair or replacement and they said that they are no longer supporting this product, and to return it back to the retailer that I bought it from.

You can’t. This Woot! is about the best way to get them. MSRP on the 6000 mAh battery is $39.99 IIRC. I bought the business case last time for $30 just so I could get another battery, and I’m pretty happy about that decision. The case itself is so-so, but you could probably sell the bag, minus the battery (or with your old battery) for at least $5-10 if you don’t want it.

So…you guys can’t buy a battery-bag because you have cats.

That’s the oddest life issue I’ve heard in a while.

First-world problems :slight_smile: