Choke Hazard

Darth, you scamp.

Noooo! It’s impossible!

If I had the ability to choke people, using the Force, I would do it.

[Company] not responsible for severed arms, hands or other limbs.

Wear shirt with caution

Yes, there would be a lot of people gasping for air if I had this ability. Perhaps it’s better I don’t…

I wouldn’t start with my ex wife and you can’t prove it.

Okay, this is brilliant.

I have a bad feeling about this…

Before you clean this shirt, make sure your water is midi-chlorinated.

Star Wars is my absolute favorite movie of all time so when I’m lucky enough to have a SW shirt printed, it’s a good day. May the Force be with you, but not the force choke. That would be bad.

In unrelated news, worker motivation is up 127% this week.

A productive Death Star is a happy Death Star.

I find your lack of woot disturbing.

I already have too many woot shirts! Noooooooooooooooooo!

automatic buy. :-/

I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan, so I’m quite disappointed I didn’t get the reference. The two mini-Death Stars didn’t even catch my eye. I came to the comments looking for a reference to some game I hadn’t played or heard of.


Grats on the print Fishy! Awesome, clever, and love the “excited” deathstars! :wink:

May the force be with your sales… (MTFBWYS?)



Funny, Good one Ms. 'Biscuit! :slight_smile: