Choose Your Hisense 1080p LED HDTV

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Choose Your Hisense 1080p LED HDTV
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Hisense is a Chinese State Owned Enterprise, if anyone is curious.

I’ve had two of these, 42 LED 1st one got returned the day i bought it had lines in the screen, 2nd one is working so far, The Sound quality is sub par, Easy setup and usability.


Not bad for a starter T.v

No different then almost anything else sold in the USA

I own the 42-inch version. I love it and feel it’s ideal for gaming, and here’s why: no input lag. I’ve had more expensive TVs with input lag I simply couldn’t turn off. This TV suffers from none of that.

I’m not super picky about image quality, however the picture/color quality looks great to me.

For $299, I’ve been super super happy with it and love playing games on it.

For those interested in learning more about refresh rate.

When you say no input lag are you referring to Rock Band by chance? I’ve been looking for a flat screen that requires a 0/0 calibration setting. At the very least a 0 on the video, I can get the audio synced up well.

brief overview from on the 46" 3-D model


I want a 42" passive 3D LED at 120 Hz.

I know Woot isn’t exactly the place to “shop” but there’s been 2 multiple TV days in the last week, and the 42" is never the good one.

I have the non-3D 46", bought refurbbed from wal-mart about 6 months ago. It’s great, I love it. Screen is clear, all the features are great, and it was a great price ($20 less than woot) for an LED TV - at the time it was about the same as most other refurbbed 42"ers. I’ll take the 4 extra inches. And actually, Hisense had a great booth at CES, seem to be up and comers. This is a good deal!

Does Hisense offer a warranty as well besides the Woot limited 90 day? Refurbed and lukewarm comments make me cautious about scooping up the 42"…

Honestly if 90 days is all that is offered i’d pass and get a New one that comes with 90 day from store and 1yr from Hisense, Reason i say that is i took my 1st one back the day i bought it was broke right out of the box

That being said if there is a better warranty available then go for it for the money,

The picture is great if ur using Full HD blu ray or gaming, But if u hook it to standard Cable straight to T.v the picture quality will not impress you and u’ll need a sound bar for loud action movies, But most lower end T.vs now days require that

Very light weight and seems well put together

If you plug ANY cable TV straight from wall into ANY TV, it won’t impress you!

Woot does mot stand behind what they sell. No deal if what you doesnt work and they walk away!

Horse hocky

From personal experience with Woot over the past couple of years I can honestly say that this statement could not be further from the truth! Any time I have had an issue WOOT was there to take care of me. In fact I just had a return of a defective tablet and they were on it. Sent me a label, I sent it back and they refunded me on the spot!

By the way, ever heard of spell check? Might want to check it out… Just sayin’

I don’t see any mention of 3D glasses bundled with the TV. Does anyone have any information on whether it comes with glasses or not?

Might check your local walmart if you want a new one. Been thinking of pulling the trigger on this one

50" Brand new $548 at my store, been that way for weeks.

I can’t find where it says they do or don’t but on Hisense website it doesn’t list it with the glasses but gives you a link to buy them.
$80 for a pair :confused: