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Choose Your Lifeline Fitness
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Time to learn all about Lifeline and check out the product page for the Power Wheel

Yay, more cables that aren’t electric!

Here’s a video workout 15/15 with the TNT Cable System.

It’s sort of a HIIT (high intensity interval training) which really gets the heart rate up and burns calories long after the workout is finished. Very effective.

Be aware, the cable system does not come with DVD as shown.

Last time I ordered the cable system, it did not come with the DVD in the description. I though it was a simple mistake so I e-mailed customer service (woot). They acted very fast and sent me another set, no charger (did not even have to return the original set). New set arrived without the DVD either. I did not even complain after the 2nd set. This time the DVD is not even in the description, only in the picture.

4.6 Stars over at Amazon

UPDATE: Woot Staff has informed us that the DVD shown in today’s Sports Daily offer is NOT included in today’s sale.

If you have any questions or concerns about today’s offer please feel free to email into

You can find plenty of workout videos here directly from Lifeline.

What’s up with the ridiculous calves on the demo guy?

That’s how good the wheel is.

Re: TNT cable system.

Over at Amazon, some reviewers report receiving a lesser resistance, pink colored cable (R3), when the listing is for a higher resistance (R4), red colored cable.

Can it be confirmed that this is really the higher resistance red or burgundy R4 cable set?

There’s a similar ab exercise wheel gathering dust under the unused piano in my living room.


That may be so, but at least you can comfort yourself with the fact that there are no clothes hanging off of it, right?

I love these things!

These things are awesome. Next time you’re at a picnic and they have a wheelbarrow race…whip this baby out and kick some butt!

The reviews at Amazon are for a power wheel 2. Is this the same thing?

Download a training program from the Internet called: “LEGENDARY ABS”. It can be found free on the internet but is well worth the few dollars you may pay. “Stanford University” developed the program.

This is what the professional bodybuilders use and all the hollywood hunks in the movies with the awesome 6 pack.

IT IS THE FASTEST WAY IN THE KNOWN WORLD TODAY TO SCULPT YOUR STOMACH. It will explain why machines at gyms don’t work that well and how to develop your SIX PACK with much less effort than you would use with any mother method.

I have a 9 level spine fusion with arthritis through my entire spine and body. I have used this program in combination with Nautilus Equipment for decades.

What have you got to lose? I mean besides the latest fad exercise equipment that’s sitting in the corner gathering dust.

I don’t see a reference to Power Wheel 2, just Power Wheel.

Power Wheel page.

I missed the TNT cable system last month when it was on the day’s Woot. Read several reviews and Woot comments, so kicked myself for missing it. It’s here again and this time I just purchased it! Now if that Power Wheel comes back later this year, I’ll get that one later as well :slight_smile:

You can buy the DVD for $7 on Amazon.