Choose Your Own Philips LED HDTV w/NetTV

[edit—] Nevermind, confused by the double dropdown. Once you pick in the second list, the screen size list is locked.

I had the same question and did lots of searching. I can’t find an explicit answer anywhere but since nothing talks about it, I will assume the answer is no. It’s disappointing how many net enabled devices don’t support Amazon. As I understand it, Amazon uses a different copy protection than almost everybody else, and that requires an extra chip to implement and since that costs a few extra bucks a lot of manufactures avoid it.

Sad really. This TV looks like a really good fit for the bedroom otherwise.

It is. Why do people look at Amazon instead of going directly to Philips to find out the specs:

I bought the 32 inch a couple weeks ago and have been very pleased. I don’t have cable or satellite so I depend on Netflix. This tv saved me from having to buy a Roku or something similar and its by far the best deal I’ve seen in the last couple months when it comes to tvs.

As far as performance, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Loading Netflix is a little slow compared to my PS3 (which is hooked up to a different tv) but the remote comes with a Netflix button for easy selection. The picture is good for 720p and the sound is acceptable as well. I’m not a huge sound system person though, so as long as I can hear stuff clearly I’m happy lol.

I would definitely recommend this tv, especially for the price! Cheapest tv I’ve found in stores has been 200-250 and this one has friggin Netflix and other apps built in. And its Philips, which has been my go-to brand since I bought my 42 inch 3-4 years ago. This will be my 3rd Philips, lol. I love it!

Got the 40 a couple months ago. Picture is great and setup was a breeze. I use the Netflix and Pandora apps. While it was mentioned in the last sale that Netflix is a bit slow to load, 300 bucks for the TV makes up for it. Once it’s running it streams flawlessly. I will give a bit of a warning though; the box said LCD when it arrived but it was the LED so don’t let your panties wad if you experience the same packaging.

I bought one of the 32" models here a couple months ago. So far it has met every expectation given the price. Nice and light-weight. It picks up every local HDTV signal with a basic $5 pair of rabbit ears. The built-in network dongle runs netflix just fine. My Chromecast attached without a hitch. Only mild negative(s) so far…there is a tiny bit of light bleed around the edges…only noticeable during very dark scenes. Oh, and the remote is a little chintzy feeling…the buttons can be a bit slow to respond.

I assume they all do, but I own the 40" model and can say unequivocally it does.

I bought the 40" model a couple months ago when it was one sale and I’m very pleased with it.

One unexpected feature that works pretty nicely is the Wi-Fi MediaConnect software for your PC. Install it and then click Start Projecting, and both sound and video from your PC will immediately appear on your TV. Works much better than I expected, and a good way to share a video or what not with everyone in the room.

@darkmagician1184 & @uhclem2,

Woot does need to come up with a cleaner solution for complying with the crazy stupid California regulations requiring a different recycling tax depending on screen size.

You California folks really are gluttons for excruciating taxes and regulations. It’s almost as if you feel guilty for having a nice temperate climate so the need to self-flog arises.

My experience is that the refurbished electronics are simply repackage store returns. Buyer beware, there no returns, you’ll have to pay for shipping to a warranty repair company that will ship you another defective unit. Don’t throw your money away!

And don’t expect Woot to help if there’s something wrong, even if you don’t receive the item. I have another order that is more than a month late and after multiple emails to service@woot and personal messages to forum mods, I’ve only had one response from a forum mod that the issue will be “forwarded to customer service.”

Service at Woot used to be great, but it is now non-existent.

This couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m in the process of moving and getting settled in to my new home.

Having been a 2 TV home for many years, bringing in a 3rd will help break up the arguments over Xbox VS TV in the living room (I have 3 teen/preteen sons) and allow me to sit in my room watching - or NOT watching what I like.

Thanks Woot!

The link you’ve provided here shows only 60Hz (On the Specifications page). Am I missing something?

I emailed the buyer to confirm and clear up any confusion. I’ll update my post when I hear back. Thanks for pointing this out!

UPDATE: Per the vendor, 29” and 39” are 120Hz PMR (Perfect Rate Motion). Hope this helps!

They’ve always had terrible after the sale service. Hard to believe they are owned by Amazon.

It’s like McDonalds owning Chipotle. Just doesn’t fit.

what is the width of the black edge on each side of the 32"?

I pulled the trigger on a 32"

I hate california taxes and fees. luckily, i’m moving soon.

@thejsm, except that last statement is not true.

@metfan923, that’s a good way to vote - with your feet. Unfortunately, the rest of us will be bailing out California with our federal tax $.

First woot in a long time for me… desperately needed a TV our plasma died 2 months ago… been getting by with a 8 inch tv/vcr combo…

In for one 39incher! Merry xmas to us… there goes our xmas moneys!