Choose Your Own Philips LED HDTV w/NetTV

When it says it connects wireless to your computer, does that mean I can also use this as the primary monitor for a computer?

Getting ready to build my boyfriend a new computer, but he doesn’t have a monitor yet, and doesn’t have room in his bedroom for both a monitor and tv, so this seems the perfect solution.

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In all seriousness, why would anyone ever buy a refurbished TV. Wouldn’t that be crazy? I am looking for a 55" to 60" and so many times I am reading and reading and it sounds so great and the price is right and then in smaller print I see “refurbished” and I’m like really! I just don’t get. Who buys a refurbished TV and why? This is truly a question I am sitting here wondering about as I look for a TV.

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Think about this, the factory pumps out lots and lots of TV’s with lets say a little bit of testing… a single component might fail(someone sends it back) now this “used” TV is examined by a technician(not just plugged in for a “TEST”) technician corrects all that’s wrong with TV, and sends it out “refurb” honestly I’ve bought a few things refurb, and I feel that they are better inspected than ones factory fresh. add the square trade warranty and feel better about your purchase.

I agree with @fredly00. I bought a refurbished TV during a woot-off a few months ago. I haven’t had a single problem. I did pick up the 2yr extended warranty from SquareTrade, though.

Seems to me that you could have Amazon streaming on your computer and then use the wireless PC mirroring thing to watch it on your tv. Don’t know if this would work, but seems to me it would…

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the real question… should i get a squaretrade warranty?

I cant seem to justify another 50 bucks for 2 years… am i crazy?

Just got mine from Fedex. The box didn’t look like it had been treated real nicely… and the TV is DOA.

Really really really disappointed right now.

I’m very sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your purchase. I recommend that you contact Phillips Customer Support as they should be able to assist you in remedying the issue.

If they’re unable to help, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at and let them know.

These TVs were NOT packed well at all. It literally looks like they used spare styrofoam they had lying around and used it for packing. There was no protection for the sides of the screen.

My box was beat to hell (due to no strength from proper padding) and I have 2 splotching/mottling spots a few centimeters wide where the back light shines through when the picture is light.

Not happy.

Seems like the vendor I bought the product from has a responsibility to deliver a non-broken product to me, rather than sending me off to the manufacturer. This TV is not malfunctioning, it’s NON-functioning.

I submitted an email to woot for assistance.

If I’d known it wasn’t going to be packed safely inside the box, safe enough to ship, I’d have refused delivery from FedEx after viewing the box.

I have also sent a support email to woot. I expect to see more complaints as more TVs are delivered. Can’t even complain to FedEx about this as the TV was clearly not packed well enough for shipment. Mine had no protection from the side of the box to the sides of the display. No styrofoam, no nothing. Just a crappy sheet cardboard. I have taken numerous pics as evidence.

This is total Lemongrab.

My 32" tv didn’t even come with a remote…thanks woot!

Uh-oh. There should be contact info for the warranty with the TV. You can contact them as they will be the ones to have the part to send out to you.

Apologies. And if you have problems, contact for assistance.

Just got my FedEx package today. The box was very thin and flimsy feeling with a hole in it. I opened the box and the TV was barely protected at all from shipping trauma. It had styrofoam on the four corners of the TV and thats it. Absolutely no protection on the sides or front/back. I take out the TV and plug it in and of course the screen is completely shattered when the screen turned on, cracks everywhere.

Oh and I called Phillips first but they said this is not a warranty issue because the product turns on and works. They said it is a shipping/packaging issue, which is Woot’s responsibility. Submitted a ticket but only really expecting a refund and a hassle figuring out how to properly ship it back because I doubt they have the inventory to replace it. I really wanted that TV =(

I’m very sorry to hear that you received your television in the condition you described.

Please let us know in the forum here if you encounter any further issues and we’ll be sure to forward your post onto staff to help resolve the issue.

Got mine today thanks to FedEx ground. It arrived broken. Contacted Woot/Support and bummed out.