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**Item: **Choose Your Schwinn Elliptical
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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10/20/2013 - $449.99-499.99 - 14 comment(s)
9/23/2013 - $299.99-349.99 - 10 comment(s)

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Previous wooters, do you feel like you get a workout on your elliptical?

I’m somewhat interested in an elliptical.

I’d want it for in front of the tv, to get exercise.

So I’d want one that’s very quiet - to hear the tv over.

Not sure which ones are.

Also, isn’t it the case that exercise equipment is usually far cheaper used, making that a good option?

The condition on these is listed as ‘New’. :slight_smile:

Anyone know whats up with the tracking information for this? I’ve got this number I don’t recognize: XXXXX and none of the “tracking links” go anywhere (a href="#"). Is this a freight shipment? Do I have to be home to sign for this? I work a solid hour away and won’t be around without making plans ahead of time…

Howdy! I removed your tracking info from your post- I PM’d you the tracking link (you can check your PMs up at the top righthand corner of this page- in the mail icon).

I checked with CS and they confirmed they should call you to schedule the drop-off, I believe their phone number is in the link I sent you if you want to go ahead and preempt that call.

Thanks, appreciate it.

Will anyone from CS EVER get back with my about my order? It’s been a week. Getting frustrated!

I just checked with CS and it looks like they have not gotten any emails from you, at least not under the email address registered with your account. Could you please try emailing into again?