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**Item: **Choose Your Spalding Volleyball 2-Pack
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) on the King of Beach ball over at amazon

Is that the same volleyball? It has different artwork.

Here are a couple additional great reviews from WallyWorld on the King of the Beach

Is this the replica version or the real version? The replica balls are terrible and not worth a penny…if this is the official version, I’ll buy like 10! Woot, please help! Last time I bought replica balls from you and donated them immediately…

1 video and nonvideo review for the USA Beach, nonembeddable video?

embeddable video for the King

The features for both balls state they’re the official version.

Both state that they are official but the picture for the King of the Beach version is absolutely a replica ball. I really want to know if the other one is a replica or not…

The other day somebody stole everything in my apartment and replaced it with an exact replica… When my roommate came home I said, “Roommate, someone stole everything in our apartment and replaced it with an exact replica.” He looked at me and said, “Do I know you?”

  • Steven Wright

Are the cheap balls worth buying for my almost 5 year-old to throw and kick around? The cheap rubber kickball balls all seem to die within a few months of light use (stored outside, exposed to sun, but not rain or temperature extremes). These are similar cost.



Best. Dry. Standup. Ever.

I got a package of dehydrated water. I’m not sure what to add.

My socks match. Because I go by thickess


Ugh, I’m in the same position. Their official ball is my favorite as is usually ~$40 per ball. If it really is 2 for $30 I’d buy 2-3 sets immediately :open_mouth:

I’m assuming that the cheaper $9.99 “King of the Beach Composite Leather Volleyball” is the replica as 1. it is the cheaper of the two, and 2. the picture with the obvious replica is labeled “Outdoor Composite Leather”

However! The detail text makes me wonder as the “USA Beach Official Tour Volleyball” has the bullet point “Ideal for recreational outdoor play” and “King of the Beach Outdoor Volleyball” mentions “Designed to withstand the rigors of competitive outdoor use”!!

Since the spalding site doesn’t seem to indicated that there are more than 2 king of the beaches (just the replica and the official) I think I’m going to pick up 2 sets at $29.99 and hope they’re the good ones!

If the more expensive one is confirmed to be the official ball I would almost always recommend it. Disregarding for the moment how well it plays, they seem to last forever. I’ve had mine for ~3 years with fairly heavy play over the years and it’s still in good shape (a little grungy looking though)

If anyone’s planning on playing volleyball with it (as opposed to kicking it around) I think it’s great at any level. At higher level play people only use the high end spalding/avp/mikasa/etc. But on a rec level I feel the most common complaint is raw forearms. I actually find plasticy replica to quite painful to play while the official ball end up being quite pleasant.

Of course this may be moot if your 5 year old is just planning on kicking it around :slight_smile:

The best ball to buy for your 5 year old is the Molten Lite Touch 12 & Under. I run a youth beach volleyball club at Doheny Beach called American Beach Volleyball Club.

I ordered 12 of the Official Tour Balls, at $30/pair.

My best guess after reviewing Amazon, eBay &

The $30 pair is the real thing, used by the Jose Cuervo Pro Tour at Huntington Beach Pier Sept 2012 & the Seaside Tournament in Oregon August 2012. My family played in both tournaments and won 6 of these balls and I’m looking at one and comparing it to the photos on Woot. It looks identical.

The $10 pair is the Replica. I don’t think it really has a composite leather cover, for $5/ball, and what I just researched on on, Amazon & eBay makes me think this is the cheap plastic-y replica. But, the photo on Woot actually says “Outdoor Composite Leather”, so maybe this is a nicer ball than I’m thinking. But I don’t think so. Either way, for $5, it’s a good deal for a replica volleyball. BUT, AND THIS IS A MAJOR “BUT”, IT IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT TO BUY A GOOD BALL. HERE’S WHY. MOST PEOPLE WHO PLAY VOLLEYBALL OCCASIONALLY LOVE IT, BUT SAY IT HURTS THEIR ARMS, ESPECIALLY IF SOMEONE HITS IT HARD AT THEM. THIS IS THE BALL, NOT THE SPORT, NOT THE FACT THAT THEY DON’T PLAY OFTEN AND THEIR ARMS AREN’T USED TO IT. IT’S THE BALL. THE BALLS USED BY THE PROS AND BEACH VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS WHO PLAY A LOT ARE COMPOSITE LEATHER AND SOFT, AND THEY DON’T HURT WHEN YOU DIG THEM WITH YOUR ARMS (taking one if the face is not real fun with any ball). SO, BUY A GOOD ONE-IT’S WORTH THE INVESTMENT-MAKES THE GAME A LOT MORE FUN. This pair on Woot for $30/pair is a good one. Or, the white & yellow Wilson Official AVP Outdoor Volleyball at Costco $30 each) good one.

The Woot descriptions are partially switched and incorrect. The bullet points under each ball should be under the other ball.

Either pair of balls Woot is a VERY GOOD deal.

I think all of these balls might be discontinued.

If you’re buying a ball for kids under 10 years old, a very good ball to start with is the Molten Lite Touch 12 & Under. It doesn’t hurt their arms and is fairly stable for play outdoors and indoors, and weatherproof.

I run a beach volleyball club at Doheny Beach in Dana Point, CA, called American Beach Volleyball Club We have more info on recommended beach volleyballs to buy at

The opinions given herein are my best guess but no way to be sure until we have the balls in hand.

I’m just wondering if I should buy the beach volleyball for my chocolate lab. He has been going through soccer balls faster then I can drive to wallyworld. He loves for us to kick the ball far and catches with his mouth. Any opinions on which would be better on his gums? I buy the cheap soccer balls at 8.97 each. Will the volleyball pop faster then a soccer ball? Btw, Murphy is better at catch then your honor student. :). Thanks for any opinions. E.

I’m confused. When ordering, the selections seemed reversed. I want the good one, but they seemed to have them mixed up. Also, these don’t look like the balls on Spalding’s web site. These must be obsolete volley balls. Will they still work? :slight_smile:

It is hard finding chew toys that engage my dog. But he loves chewing a good volleyball. However, some last him hours and hours, while others last mere minutes. Any idea which model makes better, more challenging chew toys? Frankly, these prices are cheaper than getting actual chew toys at Petsmart…