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I absolutely love this shirt. There is a nerd in all of us, and you should be able to relate to at least one of them on this shirt.

Nice but lacks edgy alt cool computer hacker of the FEMALE sort aka Claudia of Warehouse 13…

What kind am I? Why, I am the Brain of course, just trying to take over the world!

Yeah but a alt cool comp hacker is not a scientist…

All men huh?
That’s a little depressing.

Looking for the +1 button… looking… Must be off with the female science types. :frowning:

didn’t realize that job description included ‘not a scientist ; )’

although to be fair Claudia isn’t … or maybe according to my New Oxford American she is: "a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.’

If they had included at least one woman (Dana Scully? Helen Magnus? Beverly Crusher? Jane Foster? Temperance Brennan? Samantha Carter? Abby Sciuto? Allison Blake? Jadzia Dax?) I’d be all over this.


What are you talking about, wouldn’t it be fun…I am a scientist and it is fun. Sorta. Mostly. Heck yeah it’s fun. I got to break glass on purpose today.

OK off that tangent. I’m an evil apprentice (grad student) working towards billionare genius. We can mix and match on this thing right?

  1. The best people in your field would review every report, presentation, and project you created. Yep.
  2. Your best work would not be recognized for years or decades after it was accomplished. Yep
  3. None of your family or friends would be able to understand what, exactly, you do. Yes yes yeah oh heck yeah yes and yes.
  4. If you made a mistake somewhere in your work, you might alter the course of human history. yeah don’t remind me.
  5. Your office would be filled with (lab) rats. yep.

I’m female. I say so what if all the characters depicted here are male. Pretend the figures are female (Women can have short hair cuts too, but probably not the beard). Or here’s an idea: get over it and move on. I don’t need a pretend sciency character matching my gender on a TV show/movie to know how awesome I am or give me a guide role model to emulate.

Okay, who’s the Dark Villain?

Socially Inept = Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Evil Apprentice = Billy / Dr. Horrible
Mad Inventor = Dr. Emmett Brown
Temperamental = Dr. Bruce Banner
Logic Obsessed = Mr. Spock
Dark Villain = ???
Neurotic Nerd = Professor Frink
Playboy Billionaire = Tony Stark / Ironman

Walter White.

Reminds me of the character from Breaking Bad, but I don’t know that show so I could be wrong.

Ah, cool. Yeah, I’m probably one of the last people in the modern world to have not watched that. ><


The mystery scientist in the middle is Sam Carter. The military haircut gives it away. Ok, everybody happy? There IS a female in the group.

Me neither. But I typed “dark villain scientist goatee glasses hat” and amusingly I got his photo among the results on the first page. The one without a hat though.

Dark Villain = Professor Moriarty

But Dr. Horrible wasn’t an apprentice! He was a villain trying to get into the ELOE. If he was an apprentice, he’d need an evil mentor. Other than that, nice shirt!

Dr. Horrible is one of my faves!

Objectively, none of those really fit the bill of recognizable stereotypes. I’m all for equality and fairness but not to the extent of trying to squeeze someone in just to satisfy a quota.