Chop and Grate Set – 2 Pack

“You’re gonna love my nuts”

I’m not buying until we get to the end where they say, “But wait there’s more!”

raced ya!

He promoted a similar item like this first then vince came and tried to get in on the action, this wasn’t marketed by Billy Mays so I’m not buying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad its not made in Germany, you know Germans always make good stuff…

I am going to stop having a boring life.

/sigh me too

Anyone remember back when people used knives?

Please note that this device does open up for cleaning. Unlike those other ones you may have seen, you will not throw this over your shoulder into your kitchen sink.

And think of all the fruit you can put on your ice cream!

I have a cheapo brand which doesn’t come apart and is impossible to clean. This one is better simply due to the fact that I’ll actually be able to take it apart and thoroughly clean everything.

Now when it comes to actually doing some real chopping this doesn’t work that great for softer foods like herbs or tomatoes but I like using it for crispy things like onions.

Hurry and order, within the next 20 minutes. Because you know we can’t do this all day!

(Oh wait, we ARE going to do this all day, aren’t we?)

I prefer the Remixed Version of a similar product.

This is the best YouTube Slap Chop video ever, hands down!

A little too soon for the, “Vince killed Billy” joke IMO. I still laughed, but I felt like a bad person because of it.

Stop having a boring woot, stop having a boring life!

This is hard… I have things like this already, but mine aren’t GREEN. And green is my FAVORITE COLOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

Woahhh babby woot has it’s own personal green ones.

Reviews from amazon

dont seem to great for overall =[

No no, only counts if you go with the Slap Chop Rap

WARNING: Failure to buy this may lead to boring tuna. And boring tuna leads to a boring life!