Chop and Grate Set

I have one…it’s not USB

you have issues. i mean, seriously, “sux” as part of your username? you’re giving them all the ammunition they need…

Dude, you’ve antagonized him. Don’t start crap if you don’t want crap. Just because your square is green makes you no more Jesus than someone with a white square.

If you want to be that immature, use the proper means of reporting a user, the “Tattle” button.

Is 9 bucks worth me having an exciting life?

How does the chopper work???

Eh, you’ve only been around for two months. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

You could have just copied the text for free…



You’re kidding. Knives 520, chopper 4 bucks, eating things whole, priceless.

I’m in for one. I actually have one of these guys and use it all the time. Will be nice to have another for backup. If nothing else, it’s good for getting out aggressions. And the kids love to help chop with this thing!

holy carp!!! murderer

… and YES, Of course, this item works GREAT on an Apple!

Depends. I’m presuming death might be kind of exciting, but I’m not paying anyone $9 to kill me.

Someone please buy one so we can move to the next item!!

Is it just me… or is the progress bar moving backwards???


That made me laugh.

Redundant slapchops…priceless