Chop, Cut, & Blend

Mastrad Mini Mandoline - Black - A21100 for $9.99
0% off list price of $10.00

Well, that’s not much of a deal.

[UPDATE: list price was wrong and has been corrected ($14.00).]

Hahaha… sure it was. Should have corrected it to $20, for an even 50% off.

Just checking in to say that the “Core Bamboo 11539 Pro Chef Butcher Block with Prep Bowls” is awesome! I picked it up the last time woot! had it for sale. Because someone will ask what size the prep cups are that sit in the board; they are 1 cup each. They hold a decent amount of chopped whatever. This board is well worth the paltry $39.99 plus S/H.

The Chicago Cutlery Forum 4.5" Utility Knife - 1090386 is listed twice. Both show your price as $7.99, but the first one says the list price is $15.99 and the second one says it’s $15.00. What’s the dealio?

Another (almost) duplicate listing: The Chicago Cutlery Landmark 3" Paring Knife - 1090368 is shown for $6.99, with a list price of $14. It is shown again with the only difference being the addition of “SP” before the number, i.e., “SP-1090368” at a price of $4.99, with a list price of $9.99. What, if any, is the difference between these two knives?

Price on Amazon is $9.50 + Free Prime Shipping
(ordered & will now arrive on Saturday)

Excellent question. The oracles have been visited, and we should have an answer (or one of them should magically disappear) soon.

The zyliss cheese grater is the best cheese grater I have ever had in my entire life. I want to buy another one for absolutely no reason at all but just to have it and find someone to give it to. it only takes me about 10 seconds to grate almost a full cup of hard romano cheese, add the fact that it’s dishwasher safe AND stores flat in a drawer… If you’re not sure if you need a cheese grater, buy it. It’s that awesome.

I bought one of the blue Chicago santokus last time they were available. It’s very sharp out of the box, and a pleasure to use with a nice handle and balance.

I’m sure it’s not an amazing knife or anything, but I really am enjoying it. Probably worth picking up the multipack and just using them till they aren’t good anymore. I doubt they last forever given the price, but it’s such a nice knife while it lasts.

Just a note on the immersion / stick blender - I bought one in 2011 here, from woot - the same one but in black, for $25+5. I just burnt out the motor making paste. Now I’m replacing it, 3 years later and it’s $10 more. That’s some inflation.

**Edit - and now, I have to pay sales tax, too. So total cost was about to be $42 and change for a refurbished unit. The new CSB-79 is $60 on Amazon and comes with a full warranty. Woot’s prices were better when Amazon didn’t own them… I did not buy this through woot even though I had been waiting for it to pop up for 7 weeks since I burnt out my old one. Oh well.

I was hoping for a State of Kansas cutting board.

So…ordered the Ninja Blender from this deal -
Clearly states the 1100 watt version, and the pictures both show a 3 speed version. Ordered, paid 1 day shipping and got my Ninja the next day. The box and manual both showed the correct model, but the blender was a different model Only 1000 watts and 2 speeds. Contacted Woot, got a return label 3 days later…returned blender same day…got replacement the next day…guess what…same problem. Correct box and manual…wrong blender. Sent another email to woot…2 days…no response. Searched online, appears to be a problem with a bunch of people. Hey WOOT…FIX MY PROBLEM!!!

[MOD: I’ll put you on my afternoon report.]