Chop Schtick


So, it’s Tuesday evening and you’ve grown bored reading through the Winner’s Thread from the previous contest and there’s still over two days before the next one. You simply cannot come up with another euphemism for crap and thanks to your new meds, you don’t really care who is pretending to be whom. What to do.

We don’t need no stinkin’ contest. Sharpen those skillz, make grandma laugh, piss off PETA…post a funny chop of your own creation. If you have to resort to stealing one, don’t count on me to play “pic police”, I’m not nearly as pathetic as you! This is no contest, just a diversion. Don’t ask for “constructive criticism”, there’s already a thread for that. How’s about we follow a particular theme that changes every week? Let’s start with…people.




No chop…just complemented the other pipe smoker.


See what drinkin’, smokin’ and Cover Girl cosmetics will do to ya?


I knew we shoulda tested this stuff on them squirrels longer . . .