This is like the one word of the chopper world. Add an Item/detail/etc to the previous chop that somehow relates to/rhymes with/etc the last Item/detail/etc. Each time a new pages starts, the top poster choses an image around 400x400 pixles and adds something to it. Please use .jpg images set to a compression value of 1.

For example If I post this:

The next person might post this:

And then the next person would post…

Haha! Awesome, I think we could add a few more things, but I think a full page might be hard, if someone feels like it has gone as far as it can, post a new one, we can always go back to the old one if we want.

See folks, we need Fen to win a dodgeball! This is a good idea. But I don’t know how to chop

umm your contribution must be really subtle or not there at all… super job …

Yes, it’s subtle. But I just had to do it in light of this week’s Derby. : )


to see a close up of the mag cover (which justifies my putting it there)…

I needed the hint to find it, very nice!

KtC, I almost spit out my coffee when I saw your addition of the hat on the giraffe. Hilarious!

Oh and justann, I about did the same thing when I saw the USB shirt on the Dodgeball thread. Great idea! Then when I came here and saw you did an entry here too, it only took me a second to find the USB. Very fitting!

Thanks Shan. I may have found my niche. I don’t feel very creative when it comes to thinking up clever ideas in toto for the other contests, etc., but this “chop this” scenario is definitely fun and easy to play with! And I’m almost a pro at Photobucket now. : )

Check out these animal hand paintings.

I concur, very well done with hat on giraffe.