Chopard Luxury Accessories

´´In the name of Monte & Mortimer… May the G-d of Woot give me one of this (CHOPARD - Sunglasses 751S-8FC, L, Frame Metal Gold-Plated 23Kt. Colour Copper Gold With Acetate Bordeaux Colour, Roviex Lenses, Limited Edition 000/999 - 95209-0160) free amen!´´

A little BIG gift :smiley:

I would just love that red bag for $1500.00. Hell I’ve got a knife, a flash light, a pair of needle nose pliers, two packs of smokes and a dirty hairbrush in the one I have now. I think all those items would look fabulous in that bag, on my truck floorboard, while my teenage sons stepped all over it. Seriously…why does anyone need a 1500.00 purse?

To match the 1200 sunglasses of course =D

Description says made in France…leather tag in red bag says made in Italy…come on Woot! For that kind of money, I expect accurate descriptions! :wink:

Drat. Foiled again by photos. I’ll let the buyer know.


i thought you said “who needs a 1500 purse?”… the answer to that is simple… my wife. sigh.

That is more than my mortgage

Exactly. My first car was 300.00. For 1500.00 I would expect at least an 8 track player, power zipper, and a little automatic hand that found exactly what I needed in that purse and would hand it to me instead of me having to dig around for it. And yes I still have a Led Zepplin 8 track tape laying around somewhere.

This makes me feel less guilty about only buying Dooney & Bourke bags; some of which are 15 years old!