Chris & Chris Kitchen Workstations



Wowz, if my kitchen actually had floor space, I would get the larger Pro Chef prep station.


I am dying to get one of these. Don’t have the space. Plus, I just purchased a bamboo cutting board from woot. Thanks woot :smiley:


I have the opposite problem - have the space, but not the money! :frowning: These look amazing.


I’ve been looking for one of these for a few months now, but DANG are these expensive!! There’s much cheaper versions available out there. Not enough money in my budget for one of these!


I think the specs are listed wrong on Chris & Chris JET1226A Pro Chef 23.5x23.5" Food Prep Station it says it is 47" wide - and I am sure that is not right. The dimensions with side rack at about24x24…so I think that spec is for a different cart. :wink:


Does seem a bit “off”. I’ll email in and see what they can find out.


You are correct o the actual measurement should be 30" wide.