Chris Freytag 6 Quart Popcorn Popper




you run the popper AFTER all the bacon popcorn is sold out…?

now thats mean, just plain mean


That’s what the Bacon Salt is for (everyone should have some in their pantry by now, right?)


I have owned two Stir Crazy popcorn poppers and they are by far the best popcorn popper I have ever owned.

I have no idea what the “Chris Freytag” moniker means, though. This is a good deal; I paid cloes to $50 for my last one.


I bought this for my kids (they’re 3) because I thought they’d love watching the popcorn pop. I was right!!! It’s like a show for them to sit by and watch the kernels fly. Unfortunately, my wife threw away the rubber cover for the bowl, thinking it was from some disposable canister, and now I have to rubber band saran wrap over the butter holder so it doesn’t drip all over, and a replacement from the manufacturer costs like $10 after shipping.

Hey Woot!, if you have any open boxes, feel free to send me a replacement cap!!!


maybe easier to just replace a careless wife than a hard to find bowl cap/ring.


Chris Freytag is a trainer. Back when there where workouts on demand (on Time Warner, etc.), she was one of the more popular trainers. Her popular workout is losing 10 in 30 or something like that.


I bought this off of moofi during the last woot-off (moofi was not part of it, but the free shipping was).


someone then linked to this site:

I picked up the coconut oil and the flavacol, and am totally blown away. I am sad that I wasted time popping otherwise.


In for one. So excited! Grew up eating air popped popcorn, but haven’t been able to find an air popper that doesn’t suck. I hope this will fill the void!


What’s a popcom popper?


LOL probably just buy a whole new one and keep the old one and wife for spare parts.


Stir Crazy poppers are the best popcorn poppers in my opinion. I have one of these and its lasted me forever!


Thank you, you finally gave me a reason to pull the trigger on this popcorn popper. I almost purchased it during the moofi sale, but didn’t.


Refurbished? hmmmmmm


Wow, haven’t seen a popcorn popper in years. I think they make better popcorn than microwave.

I popped some Jiffy Pop a few times for my son when he was little so he could watch it expand.


fwiw, mine was sealed in original packaging. I suspect that the issue is that Chris Freytag is no longer crossbranding with West Bend, and so this item has been pulled from the shelves. But they are perfectly good poppers despite that, so Woot gets the advantage. They cannot sell them as new, because of the nature of the co-branding.


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see the kids faces after this.


This is not an air popper, mind. It does require oil; the site I linked to shows it being used with popcorn oil. You might know that, but I wanted to be clear to anyone else that this will require a small amount of oil.


Yes, I know that. But thank you for clarifying for anyone else!


Got mine last night, used it, holy cow! I think there may have been a teaspoon of unpopped kernels. Maybe. I’m in love!