Christmas Division

O Christmas trees, O Christmas trees,
You’re sproinging out of fine white lines,
O Christmas trees, O Christmas trees,
Your patterned look is very fines…

(Okay, YOU try singing a Christmas Carol at 1:30am in the morning…)

Congrats on the print, Bohsky! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Inatangle! You sing very very good)

Woot will tear us apart, again.

You, sir, have earned a quality post. Although I would also have accepted:
[]Yule Will Tear Us Apart
]Pinecone Pleasures
[]Dead Trees (with the hook lyric They keep felling me)
]O Li’l Pulsar of Depression

I saw this shirt and thought “Christmas Joy”, no?

Will I Regret not buying this?

Um…I’ve lost my tree again. Or, treesmission?

Someone take these tees away
That I bought cheap on Woot! today
These Joy Division Christmas trees
Get confused looks from family

Where’s the Bee Oh See
Where’s the Bee Oh See
Waiting patiently
For the Bee Oh See

Joy (Division) to the World!

I was thinking transchristion, but that could start a brawl potentially.

Oh, that would be better name! Nice idea) Didn’t think about that, don’t know why

Joy Unification


So much unknown pleasure in this one.

A Festivus version I could accept. This version is like x-mas completely whack.

This references Unknown Pleasures by Peter Saville, so shouldn’t the shirt be called Christmas Pleasures?

Bhosky has brought Joy to the Woot. :slight_smile:

I have confusion in my eyes when i look at this T-shirt…I bought 3?