Christmas Gift Bag Set – 5 Pieces

I used these last Christmas, they were so charming. I think the one shouted “no peeking” (or something like that) which made my family laugh.

Serious? Oh, they talk. Nevermind, totally worth it…

Just in time for Christmas!

by the time Christmas comes, the internal batteries will have gone dead.

taking my chances! x3

I thought they were just bags and I was like “meh”… but YOU made me relize it was more than just that - and suckered me into 3…

I can’t even think about Christmas right now…

Did my part! In for 3!

I agree. Baah Humbug

these are so cute. wish i didn’t have multiple totes full of others that don’t ever get used either.

hooray for talking christmas woot bags! in for 3 :smiley:

This was 7.99 + shipping last time, If you order 3 you’re saving 7 dollars on each set
This is a no-brainer if you’re good at remembering where you hide stuff for christmas time.

lol - 3% bought 1