Christmas Laser Landscape Lighting

Christmas Laser Landscape Lighting

Anyone know if this has a photocell to turn it on at dusk? Or does the button stay on when unplugged? Then I could use a switched outlet. I don’t think I’m buying if I need to remember to use the remote every day to turn it on and off.

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Maybe it will do it on it’s own since it has this in the description: “Timer Settings: Select 4, 6, or 8-hour daily cycle

Probably still a roll of the dice. :thinking:

(Update: decided to roll the dice because several other similar products that were reviewed talked about having a timer that had a 24-hour repeating cycle.)

Only 2 reviews for this product on another vendors website (let’s just say they go beyond just two rooms in the house), but those ones are not promising. 2 stars and 1 star with this comment, “Very dim and do not show up on our house six feet away. Way too expensive for such an inferior product.” 2 is a small sample size, but still not great.

How is this different than the stuff you get in the impulse bins at Walmart/Target/Large Supermarket this time of year for 15 - 20 bucks? It looks to be the same basic model, just red and green lights and only nominal settings (blinking/solid and rotation). By buying local you can take it back and get a replacement in an hour and not deal with mailing it in if it dies a before Christmas.

How about some Hanukah lights? Or one with a Hanukah mode?

… and maybe Festivus mode…

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Hi there. There’s no dawn/dusk sensor. You program the time you want it to start and how long you want it to run. After that, it will repeat that schedule.

With that said, you wait to plug them in at the beginning of cycle, set the timer and hope no one turns off the main switch for your outdoor lights. Easy Peasy!

True. I’ve used a similar light/timer set-up for years and never had anyone fool with my lights, plug, timer. YMMV.

Folk could have paired this with the remote control outdoor outlets! Remotes for daaaaaayyyyyysssssssss!

Festivus for the rest of us.