Christmas Light-up Lawn Ornaments

I laugh in your general direction! Lawn ornament? For what - a Barbie Dream House? the only items tall enough to see on your lawn are the bushes - and they are floral for cripes sake! Woot! What are you smoking?

I noticed the same thing. They are about 10 inches tall. Not much of a lawn ornament.

Holy smokes I almost bought the snowman and Santa. I am glad I read your posts 5.5" lol. I think my daughter would eat them.

All my Xmas lawn decorations are linked to a single timer. It looks like all of these are battery powered.

Can someone at Woot please look to see if there are any Ac adapter options on any of them? (Ie like just a power plug hole)

I live on my city’s Christmas street (where all houses decorate and the mayor rides a firetruck to the end of the street and takes pictures and hands out candy canes), so this interests me a lot.


I’m sorry, we don’t have any samples on us, otherwise we’d check. Unfortunately we just have the information provided from the vendor.

One thing I noticed is that none of the tabs seem to be working - I tried to check the stats but, although the url changes, the tab doesn’t…

We are aware that some of you are experiencing ordering and other issues and we apologize for this. We will let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

It sounds like people are able to order on mobile devices so you might try that if you can.

Some are also having luck with clearing out their temp/cache files on their browser.

There are quite a few very large lawn ornaments in my neighborhood. I think these tiny ones would never be seen.